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Komrade D2 Steel Knives have excellent properties in terms of hardness and durability.

D2 steel will hold a razor sharp edge and with care can be sharpened, but like all blades they need to be maintained to get best use from them.

Ensure regular maintenance and care of your Komrade knife, don't mistreat it or use it as a crow bar/prying or throwing knife and it will last you a lifetime.

1. Make sure that after you have finished using it you clean and dry the blade thoroughly to prevent rust and dulling of the edge. You can use water and mild soap to clean the blade before drying.

2. Do not put these blades in the dishwasher!!! 

3. Animal blood or acid substances like citric fruits can eat into the blade when the knife blade is not cleaned after using it.

It is advised to keep the blades slightly oiled for extra protection. Any kind of oil will do however, some natural oils tent to become sticky over time.

We suggest using paraffin oil for hunting knives if you are not processing food sources. 

Liquid paraffin is available at the chemist and is food safe if you are processing a food source with our knives, just remember to give it a quick wash and dry before you start to remove any oil residue, if this is not readily available olive oil will do the job.

4. Komrade knives have wooden handles so please keep these oiled as well, do not use natural oils here as they will turn rancid over time. Paraffin oil, liquid paraffin, or boiled linseed oil will do the job and keep the wood nice and healthy.

5. Komrade knives that ship with leather sheaths and should not be stored in them for long periods as the leather will soak up moister from the air around it and this may cause rust over time. You can carry your blades in the leather sheath for several days at a time just remember don’t store it in there for weeks.

Finally as with any other knife the sharpness needs to be maintained and is part of general knife maintenance. We advise using a wet stone and then a sharpening steel to touch up for most of our products. This gives you the best control and is more affordable.

Top Tips.  If you are heading out into the field for several days or more take a small rag which has been soaked in vegetable oil to maintain your blade at the end of each day, simply store the rag in a small plastic zip lock bag.

If you knife edge seems to be not holding a good edge even when you have sharpened it then you may want to try giving it a quick spray and wipe down with wd40 or similar solvent to remove the fats and oils that have filled the microscopic serrations of the knife blade and dull it over time.

Wash and dry the blade once done if preparing a food source afterwards.


Because our sheaths are made from an organic material they are not covered in the knife warranty but with proper care should last you a lifetime. 

1. Do not dry a wet sheath over high heat!!!

2. Keep your Komrade sheath clean with saddle soap.

3. You can recondition the sheath using , Mink Oil, Snow Seal, Renaissance Wax or other leather care products. 

4. You may use an initial treatment of an 80% to 20% hot solution mixture of beeswax to saddle oil when the sheath is still brand new.  After dipping the sheath in the hot solution mix you should wipe off the excess from both inside the sheath and outside and then it let dry, you may then replace the knife. 


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