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Military Watches

Range day with USMC in Sardinia in 1992.

What makes a watch military?

It seems a simple enough question but it only takes a 10 minutes of searching online that there are many variations on this exact theme.

It has been nearly 30 years since I passed my Commando course at the end of 1987 after serving 5 years in the Army at that point, I also had hair and my knees worked well, times have changed.

Speaking of time at Komrade we love military and dive watches and think you will see this when your own Komrade lands with you, we have taken design cues from over 23 years military experience to get our military orientated watches just right.

A pragmatic approach based on what I have found works during my service is taken in how I designed and bring to you a robustly built military styled watch because we utterly respect your decision to invest your hard earned money in one of our three watches.

We refuse to do fancy dust collecting watch boxes (a thermos mug is instead used to secure your watch during shipment), and decided to also ditch those flash booklets telling you in 50 languages about us as this is money which can be better used coating our watches in DLC!

Sapphire crystal is also used along with C3 lume and your Komrade ships to you with a spare strap, spring pins, strap changing tool and a leather watch roll to store your Komrade and spare straps in.

You may have visited other sites that claim to sell military orientated watches and they turn out to be anything but, this is where Komrade are different.

DLC is used to coat our two military models and bags of c3 lume is applied to keep things clear at night, we also keep the sizing sensible so it doesn't snag on your gear and clothing. Trust us when we say you don't need a door knocker sized watch to make it military.

Our Field Diver and Military Diver (both have issued NATO stock numbers) have been in use with members of the British Army, Australian Defence Force and the United States Airforce (USAF), the current head of training at the British Miltary Survival School wears a Komrade Field watch! You get the picture.

We are honored you have taken time in visiting us and look forward to you becoming a Komrade as well.

Warm Regards,

Tony C

Komrade Watches

Papamoa Beach

New Zealand

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