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Last Updated Jan 4th  2021 New Old Stock watches have a warranty for 3 months only and does not include water proof rating. Komrade only ever offers warranty to the original purchaser.


An automatic dive watch or other depth rated watches should only ever be used as a back up to using a dedicated working dive computer at all times when diving!

Our automatic watches should be serviced regularly and hand wound 30 - 40 times before you dive to ensure the mainspring is fully wound on the White Pointer and the Urban Diver MK2.

INSTRUCTIONS: For Miyota 9015 movement watches


The Urban Diver, The Military Diver,

The Military Field Watch.


Winding the mainspring and adjusting the date or time is done by following the below procedure once you have unwound the crown anti-clockwise and it releases to the open position. 

Once you have finished making adjustments please ensure you push the crown in and wind it clockwise back into the closed position so that it seals properly.


(1) Winding the mainspring
The automatic winding watch can be also be manually wound by turning the crown in position “A”. Wind 15~20 times clockwise until second-hand starts to move naturally.

(2) Adjusting date
Adjust the date by rotating the crown in position "B".
Note If the date is adjusted between the hours of around 8:30 PM and 2:00 AM the date may not change on the following day.

(3) Adjusting time
Rotate the crown in position “C” and adjust the standard time. Then check if it is morning or afternoon and adjust correctly

Water Resistance and General Care of your Komrade Military Diver, Urban Diver and Military Field Watch.

Our first generation of Komrade watches are rated to 300 mtr water resistance, you can extend the life of the seals in your watch by following these recommendations:


» Ensure the watch crown is always screwed shut.


» Wash your watch in cold running water if you have used it in the sea to rinse the watch off.


» Due to the hot steam environment of showers and to preserve the life of the seals we recommend that you take your watch off before showering as good water-resistant watches are designed for cold water environments.


» Always check that the crown of the watch is screwed shut before immersing in water.


» Never open the case back of the watch (this will void your warranty).


INSTRUCTIONS: For WHITE POINTER WATCHES winding and setting the time and date with THE SWISS ETA 2836/2 movement.


After an extended period of non-use, the ETA 2836/2 movement must be set in motion by winding the crown clockwise in its unscrewed position 40 - 50 times and screw the crown back down.

You should immediately wear your watch once the time and date have been set as your wrist movement will then wind your watch as you wear it.


Engaging the Day/Date function when the Hour Hand is between 8 pm - 2 am can cause serious damage to the calendar gears of the internal movement and such damage is not covered by your warranty.


Setting the Time

To set the time, unscrew the crown (1) and pull it out into position -b- and turn the Winding Crown counter-clockwise (CCW).


Keep turning the Winding Crown until the hands pass midnight and the day/date display advances.

Continue to turn the Winding Crown until you set the correct time, this will ensure the correct setting of your watch in relation to AM/PM.

The Second Hand (4) remains stationary to allow the watch to become synchronized for better accuracy.

After the time has been adjusted correctly the watch is set in motion by screwing the Winding Crown back down to its ‘normal closed position’.


Changing the Day / Date setting

Reminder, do not engage this function if the hour hand is between 8pm and 2am because this will void your warranty.

Unscrew the Winding Crown (1) out into position -a- turn the Winding Crown clockwise (CW) to change the date.
Or turn the Winding Crown counter-clockwise (CCW) to change the Day setting which can be displayed in either English or Chinese.

Ensure you screw down the Winding Crown into its normal closed position once finished.

The 2836/2 movement by ETA allows for 1 of 2 chosen languages to be displayed when displaying the day. Komrade has chosen English and Chinese rather than English/French or English/German which is often seen.


Water Resistance and General Care of your White Pointer Watch

Your Komrade White Pointer watch is rated to 1000 metres water resistance. You can extend the life of the seals in your watch by following these recommendations:

» After using your watch in the sea, wash your watch in cold running water to rinse off the salt water.

» Due to the hot steam environment of showers and to preserve the life of the seals we recommend that you take your watch off before showering as good, water-resistant watches are designed for cold water environments. We realise that this may not be practical but it will help extend the life of the seals and we wish you to be aware of this.


We will only cover warranties for original purchasers from our store on this site or within the given 12 month time frame of making a purchase.

Lost Shipment Please bare in mind shipments are out of our control once we ship them to you as they are handled by NZ Post and then delivered and signed over by your country's own postal service to you.

We have shipped 100s  of watches with only one taking longer than 2 weeks to get to the owner.


We will now not replace or refund lost shipments until there has been official closure from the Postal services as to the outcome of your shipment. We appreciate this is tedious and frustrating but it will get resolved once they have exhausted all avenues.

Postal Service Returns Your Package To Us.

If you have not been able to sign for your package or collect it from the postal depot after they have tried to deliver it to you (Postal Services will normally leave a calling card for you if you were out for you to bring to their depot to collect your post) they may return your package to us after a set period of time holding it for you.

We will not refund or replace the watch/knife until it has arrived safely back with us.

Please bear in mind this may take several months as the original postage paid was to your address only, Postal and Courier services do not place high priority on returning packages that you have failed to sign for or collect in time after they have attempted delivery.

Once it lands with us you will need to pay for postage again before we send it.

Always contact us first with your name, watch serial number and date of purchase before going to the trouble of returning a watch to our repair facility in Miami Florida USA.

Once we agree to cover your warranty issue please ensure you mark your return package as warranty return on customs form if shipping from outside the USA before returning to our Florida based repair shop in Miami USA.

1. Please ensure that you read our warranty before contacting us with your warranty issue.


2. Do not return any items without prior authorization from Komrade.


3. All defective merchandise that is covered under our 1-year warranty may be returned to us. Misused or abused merchandise will not be classed as defective and will not be repaired or replaced.


4. In order to log a warranty issue, please contact Komrade by using the contact page on this site with the watch serial number (found on the base of the watch) or on the front of your warranty card, the fault details and your contact details.

We will need to ensure that the watch is covered by the warranty before you go to the expense of returning the watch.


5. All warranty returns must be returned in the original non-damaged condition, including packaging, documentation, warranty cards, manuals, and accessories (straps, watch rolls, tools, spare pins and thermos mug, etc.). Failure to do so will put on hold the repair/replacement of your Komrade watch until the remaining pieces arrive.


6. Original shipping & handling charges are not refundable.


7. You as the buyer are responsible for shipping, shipping cost/insurance of the returned watch and accessories and you will need to be able to provide proof of delivery on all returns.


8. Please be sure that your return shipment is properly packaged for transit and is fully insured with your courier company. We are not responsible for returned packages if lost by shipper/carrier or if they arrive damaged in transit by the carrier.


9. Once you have returned your watch for repair, please contact us by email with the tracking number and your courier company's name, ensure you mark warranty return on the customs form.


10. Return shipping costs to the buyer for the repaired/replaced item will be charged for any refused delivery (costs may include duties, taxes and customs fees if any).


11. This policy may be modified or changed without any further notice.


12. In purchasing this item you agree to all terms and conditions mentioned above.


Komrade Watches

International 1 year warranty

Komrade New Zealand offers a limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from purchase date for the watch movement and for water resistance.

This means that if the materials in your watch movement are malfunctioning or if the watch is not put together correctly we will repair or replace your Komrade watch at our discretion.

This warranty will not cover batteries, sapphire or mineral crystal, watch case, strap, bracelet, loss or theft or normal wear and tear of your watch.

Please note that you will void your warranty if you:

» Open the back of the watch case.

» Push the buttons or unscrew the crown underwater or fail to screw down the crown and expose your watch to moisture.

» DO NOT Engage the day date function when the hour hand is between the hours of 8 pm and 2 am asthis will void your warranty and will be obvious when the watch is inspected.. 


(See enclosed watch instructions for more information on this).

If you have a warranty issue, please firstly email us at with your name, address, watch serial number and any fault details.


Do not return the watch before Komrade has authorised the return. Once the return has been authorised, please provide Komrade with the tracking number and the courier company name.

Please note that it is your responsibility to return the watch safely to Komrade. Please be sure that your return shipments are properly packed and fully insured with your courier company.


We are not responsible for returned packages if lost by shipper/carrier or if they are returned damaged in transit.

Returns Policy 


Warranty Returns

1a. All defective Komrade watches covered under our 1-year warranty may be returned to us if you are the original purchaser of our watch and purchased a Komrade from this site or

We will not cover private sales of our watches to a 3rd party, If you are not the original owner and not purchased directly from either or we will not cover warranty/return issues.

Misused or abused watches will not be deemed defective under warranty and therefore not repaired or replaced.

1b. Once we have repaired your watch, any refused shipping delivery costs at your end (including duties, taxes and customs fee if any) will be on charged to you.

1c. This policy may be modified or changed without any further notice. 


1d. By purchasing you agree to all Komrade terms and conditions.

1e. The latest terms and conditions can always be viewed here at


Change of mind

1. Please ensure that you read this card fully before contacting us in the first instance by email and going to the expense of returning items to us.

2a. A refund will only be accepted on White Pointer watches purchased at the full price of $899 USD and our Urban Diver MK2 $499 USD.

2b. There is a grace period of 24 hrs from receipt at your address should you decide to change your mind about your purchase.

2c. No refund will be offered or given on purchases using discount codes, introductory offers, end of line sales, promotional prizes, or given to bloggers or influencers.

3. All returns purchased at full price must be in the original, unused condition, including all packaging, documentation, warranty cards, manuals and accessories that arrived with your watch.

We may also inspect the watch to ensure that the movement has not been tampered with.

4. Original shipping & handling charges, import duties paid by you are not refundable and your return shipping to us will not be refunded.

5. You the customer are responsible for shipping cost and insurance of the returned watch and accessories. Proof of delivery and a tracking number on all returns should be emailed to Komrade.

6. Komrade will charge a 10% restock fee on your watch once it has been inspected and confirmed to be in a resalable condition.

Komrade Palancar Reef chronograph ST1901 hand wind instructions.

To set the time:

Unscrew the crown anti clockwise

and let the crown spring out to the first position once the crown springs out. This position allows you to wind the watch.

To set the time pull the crown out one more stop and 

rotate the crown until you have set the time,

turn hands clockwise only and once you have the desired time push the crown all the way back in gently and screw the crown back into the case turning it clockwise until you feel resistance and you can no longer screw it in.


To wind:

As above once the crown has sprung out after unscrewing it turning it anti clock wise and springs out into its first position you can then rotate the crown clockwise in short movements until you feel resistance then stop.

Do not be tempted to overwind once you start to feel tension.

Wind daily in the morning as matter of habit for best routine to keep

accurate time.

(The left hand sub dial is the running seconds display).

Your chronograph watch will run for a round about 40 hours on a full wind.


Once wound push and screw the crown back in clockwise fully.


30 minute timer: (The right hand small sub dial)

Unscrew and then click down on the top pusher to start the 30 minute stopwatch function.


Click down again to stop and measure.


Reset timer:

Unscrew and click down on the bottom pusher to reset the chronograph seconds hand and the 30 minute sub-dial back to zero.



Attempting to reset the timer while it is running will result in damage not covered under warranty.

Always stop the timer by clicking the top pusher before you reset the stopwatch function.

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